Dr. Shrink

Dr. Shrink

Phone: 1-800-968-5147

Location: 315 Washington Street, Manistee, Michigan 49660


Products / Services

  • Provides premium UV stable plastic films
  • All plastic film related installation equipment and accessories

Dr. Shrink

Dr. Shrink is a complete turnkey service and material supply provider of premium UV stable plastic films and all related installation equipment & accessories.

Providing high performance 100% virgin polymer plastic shrink films of assorted film widths, thicknesses and colors for specified weather resistant industrial applications.

Dr. Shrink stocks a complete inventory of shrink film installation tools including heat guns, strapping, venting, sealing tapes and auxiliary wares fully supported by excellent online customer service and training guides.

Servicing all industries in providing plastic shrink film protection for stored and transported product & equipment and stationary structures. 


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