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A-Z Industrial Mineral Producers

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Fused/Synthetic Mineral Producers

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Eco-Plant Derived Functional Aggregates, Fibers & Fillers

Products used for industrial applications derived from natural sources...CLICK HERE

Mineral By-Products / Processing

Includes mineral by-products, surplus or obsolete inventory available for recycling or re-use…CLICK HERE

Toll / Contract Custom Processing

Custom blending, grinding, sizing, screening, surface,¬†activated¬†coatings, etc…CLICK HERE

Mineral Distributors

National and International mineral distributors…CLICK HERE

About Industrial Minerals Network

With 30+ years in the industrial mineral exploration and processing industry, our founder has created a network of cohesive subject focused resources to comprehensively help professionals in the industrial minerals industry find what they are specifically looking for.

Whether searching for primary specified industrial minerals, functional alternatives or by-products or finding the right service companies for resource development, processing, packaging, marketing, finance, legal aid and supply chain management.

The Industrial Minerals Network was developed as a fingertip tool that would connect all aspects of the worldwide supply chain for industrial minerals in enabling professionals to find the right resources and solutions for their exacting project needs.

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