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A-Z Industrial Mineral Producers

Comprehensive List of Mineral Producers listed alphabetically...CLICK HERE

Fused/Synthetic Mineral Producers

Click here to find a producer anywhere in the world...CLICK HERE

Eco-Plant Derived Functional Aggregates, Fibers & Fillers

Products used for industrial applications derived from natural sources...CLICK HERE

Mineral By-Products / Processing

Includes mineral by-products, surplus or obsolete inventory available for recycling or re-use...CLICK HERE

Toll / Contract Custom Processing

Custom blending, grinding, sizing, screening, surface, activated coatings, etc...CLICK HERE

Mineral Distributors

National and International mineral distributors...CLICK HERE

Exploration & Consulting Services

Exploration & consulting services for industrial minerals industry...CLICK HERE

Geophysical Equipment & Services

Geophysical equipment and service providers for industrial minerals industry...CLICK HERE

Academia & Geological Surveys

Entities that provide academic educational & stewardship programs...CLICK HERE

Exploration, Mining & Processing Equipment, Supplies & Services

Find the equipment, supplies & services you're looking for...CLICK HERE

R&D / Lab Services

Find help with research & development, laboratories and even legal services...CLICK HERE

Mining/Mineral Processing Chemicals

Processing chemicals, technologies and equipment for refining industrial minerals...CLICK HERE

Packaging Supplies

Find companies than can help you with your packaging needs!...CLICK HERE

Waste Management

Companies specializing in industrial waste management and removal...CLICK HERE

Mine Site Reclamation

If you're looking for companies that specialize in restoring land that has been mined, you've come to the right place ...CLICK HERE

Logistics / Transportation

By land or by sea...CLICK HERE

Financial Services

Firms engaged in assorted financial services including accounting, finance, insurance, venture capital and credit/collections...CLICK HERE

Legal Services & Regulatory Topics

Find legal assistance for contracts, regulations or general council as it pertains to the mineral industry...CLICK HERE

Professional Associations

Associations formed directly for the benefit of the industrial minerals industry and the companies working within it...CLICK HERE

Trade Shows, Events & Conferences

Listing of trade shows, events and conferences pertinent to our industry...CLICK HERE

Publications & Industry News

From industry magazines to white papers, this is a great resource to find what you're looking for...CLICK HERE

Surplus Mineral Inventory or Used Equipment for Sale

Click here to see surplus mineral inventory and used equipoment for sale...CLICK HERE

Mining Properties or Claims & Technology for Sale

Click here to see a list of mining properties, mining claims and technology for sale or licensing...CLICK HERE

Employment Opportunities or Job Fair

Listed employment opportunities & recruiting details...CLICK HERE

Gemstones: Precious and Semi-Precious

Click here to see precious and semi-precious gemstones...

Construction Aggregates: Lightweight & Structural Aggregates

Click here to see a list of construction aggregates.

Building Materials: Brick, Block, Clay Products & Dimension Stone

Click here to see list of building material vendors.

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